Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 3: Tartan Problem

State the Problem:
A Problem that Tartan High School has is it is technologically impaired.
Give Evidence:
* Some students in the school don't know how to make a blog like this.
*Mrs. Colbert has asked me to transfer her e-mail contacts over to her knew e-mail address.
*Some students don't know all of the functions a computer is capable of.
Contributing Factors:
* Teachers do not do enough projects using the computer.
* The school has made computers to be a type of technology that is only used for typing.
* School has made the computer out to be a bad thing or a distraction.
* Teachers are too worried about shuffling papers around.
* A possible Solution to this problem would be to have a computer class that teaches students all the functions a computer is capable of. Not just using it as a typewriter.
* Another possible solution would be to have more online assignments like this one.


Miles O'Keefe said...

Whats up down syndrome,

Outstanding job on the blogging my friend. Nice commenting on ya.

Sam Berg said...

Good problem solution i agree with what you're saying.

Sam B Hr 3

x1800WINWIN1x said...

yaaay i agree.
blogging is fun.