Thursday, May 3, 2007


I. Attention Getter.
A. Quote about Iraq's democracy status
II. Preview.
A. Pro
B. Nay
C. Standpoint
IV. Thesis Statement
A. The debated issue of the effectiveness and whether there is a "working" democracy is very controversial.
I. Paragraph 1
A. Pro side issue 1. Topic Sentence(arguments for it)
1.There are many arguments for democracy in Iraq.
B. Proof
1."City on a hill"
II. Paragraph 2.
A. Pro argument 2. Topic Sentence(agreements or accomplishments)
1.There are many accomplishments and steps toward democracy in Iraq.
1.Constitution passes.
2.Board elected
III. Paragraph 3.
A. Nay argument 1 Topic Sentence(arguments against it)
1. There are many reason skeptics say democracy in Iraq will not work.
B. Proof
1. Adam Garfinkle argues that Arab world will not accept Iraq's democracy. (Demo in Iraq)
IV. Paragraph 4.
A. Nay Argument 2 Topic Sentence(problems or shortcomings)
1.There have been many downfalls in the progress towards democracy.
B. Proof
1. Budget Cuts.
2. Benchmarks not set.
V. Paragraph 5.
A. Standpoint.

I. Restate Thesis
II. Review Main Points.
C. Standpoint
III. Attention Goer
A. Quote on Future of Iraq.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 8

Rubin, Alissa J. "Iraqi Delegates Pick Interim National Assembly".
"Los Angeles Times" Aug. 19, 2004 n.p.

This article is written by Alissa Rubin for "Los Angeles Times". Her target audience for this article is the general public. This article discusses the national assembly of Iraq. The author goes about to describe the diversity of the assembly and how this might affect its progress. She also explains that how the voting done by citizens left them disappointed because instead of voting for people they had to vote for slates of people. This left some citizens very upset. Finally, she concludes by describing how the assembly may only be in power for a short time but still may try and delay some of the crucial upcoming elections, such as the transitional Assembly, the referendum on a constitution, and the ratification of the constitution.

Annotation 7

McMahon, Colin. "Iraq Assembly Names Speaker, Raising Hopes for Government".
"Chicago Tribune" Apr. 3, 2005 n.p.

This article was written by Colin McMahon for the "Chicago Tribune". The intended audience for this article is the general public. This article reviews the appointing of Hajem al-Hassani as the Speaker for Iraqi's. The author explains al-Hassani's point of views and the approach he is going to use to try and unite Iraq again. It also explains how this is a major step in democratizing Iraq. The author goes on to explain the obstacles that needed to be dealt with in order to have the constitution approved at the intense and life threatening voting that occurred during the voting. Finally, the author concludes by quoting al-Hassani by saying that he will not see Iraq in sections. He will only see Iraq as a whole.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 6

LaFranchi Howard. "The Christian Science Monitor". Boston, Mass.: Apr 20, 2007. 1

This article is written by Howard LaFranchi for "The Christian Science Monitor". The target audience is the general public. This article is about the Iraqi government working too slowly and not succeeding to do anything. The government is moving at a snails pace and has yet to accomplish a goal in the steps toward democracy. The article also discusses the controversy between people opinions on how the U.S. should be helping. Some say that America should be forcefully encouraging the government to hit "benchmarks". Others say America should focus on the civilian rights and such realted topics.

Annotation 5

Reed, Stanley in London. "Is Democracy Possible?"
"Business Week". Mar. 3, 2003 Iss. 3822 pg 34.

This article was written by Stanley Reed in London for "Business Week". The target audience for this article is Business Persons, Economists, and the general public. In this article the author discusses how even after the U.S. kicks out Saddam, Iraq still might be unmanageable. It begins to talk about Iraq's falling economy and the falling GDP. It also describes the terrible conditions of Iraq's oil fields and the role America gets to play in order to decide how to fix these problems. It also discusses how Saddam has supporters to follow him up even if he falls. This will leave America with drastic problems of corruption in both politics and economics. The author finally concludes that the problem will cost America money and men.

Annotation 4

Hegland, Corine. "Democracy Funds Shortchanged".
"National Journal" Vol. 39 Iss. 7 pg60-61 2bw.

This article was written by Corine Hegland for the "National Journal". The target audience for this article would be those who are concerned with current events. This article discussed the numerous budget cuts which ultimately will hurt the strengthening of democracy in Iraq. In this article the author discusses how the budget cuts to numerous organizations, such as the "NED Family", will cause them to to significantly cut back on the support for government in Iraq. She also discusses how the Bush Administration would like to stay in Iraq and help to develop more projects but is lacking the funds to do so. However, the exact budget is not final as of now and most of the decisions will be opinionated by Tim Carney.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation 3

Barnard, Anne. "Constitution Passes amid Sunni Opposition."
"Knight Ridder Tribune Business News". Oct. 26, 2005 pp.1+.

This article was written for the "Knight Ridder Tribune Business News" by Anne Barnard. This article's target audience would include business person's and those who are concerned on current events. This article discusses the passing of the new constitution for Iraq. It also discusses the obstacles it needed to overcome in order to be passed. Many people risked their lives to vote for freedom. Another topic in this article is the opposition it faced during its passing. Many Kurds and Shiites were in conflict with the Sunnies during this voting time. The Sunnies also claimed that there was a corrupt vote counting committee because of the 55% veto in Ninevah. This caused the Sunnies to lose the 2/3 veto.

annotation 2

Slavin, Barbara. "Iraqi Impasse Delays Political Progress".
"USA Today" March 29, 2005 n.p.

This is an article written by Barbara Slavin for "USA Today". The article was written for the general public and those who may enjoy politics. This article discusses the numerous delays in progress of the Iraqi government. It mentions how the only thing the government can agree upon is when to convene again. However it also mentions how America is not so much satisfied with where they are at but more of the fact that there is a governing body set up. It also mentions some of the conflicts the body is having in deciding upon who should be in power of what. The Kurds want the separation of church and state while the Shiites would like Islam to be the sight of the main legislation.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Annotation 1

Kristol, William. "Give Force A Chance".
"Time Magazine" Vol. 169 Issue 9 pg 20-20.

This is an article written by William Kristol for "Time" magazine. It discusses the United States lack of military force used to enforce democracy in Iraq. Its indended auidence is the general public and those interested in politics. This article is related to democracy in Iraq being spread and ending the war because the author begins by giving a brief summary of Barack Obama speech on democracy in Iraq about how Congress and he agree that the end to the war is with the withdrawal of U.S. troops. However the author argues that the solution is not to withdraw them it's to use them more forcefully and more abundantly. The authors describes events in history that have shown America's weakness in forcefully using troops to correct problems. The author also describes how some of America's problems today could have been solved by using military force back then. Finally, the author talks about how America has to wait until something significant (9-11) happens until the react and use force.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

show dont tell

Come to the best location in the world. This gorgeous vacation spot is located on a very calm and Sarine lake. Far back in the luscious and thick woods of Ely, Minnesota. Here you will find a lovely overview of a beautiful,crystal clear lake surround by many boulders, covered in a thick green, natural moss. It is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. Also located here are rustic, one room cabins with only the necessities. There is also a small stream filled with tiny pebbles running underneath one of the cabin's.

Monday, March 19, 2007

RAFT. Day 1. 3rd Tri.

My Spring Break was great. I first started Spring Break out by going to a party at a hotel. That was really fun. I went swimming and ate a lot of pizza. On Tuesday I went to Sam Giebner's grandparents house and slept over there. On Wednesday we left for Bemidji. We got there at about 3pm. Once we got unpacked we dug an ice hole with an ice pick. It took about an hour and a half to dig that one hole. The ice was about 2 feet thick. However, the water was only 5 feet deep in that spot so it wasn't even worth the work. After we dug the hole, Sam and I went inside and ate. Then we found a hand auger and that worked a lot better for digging the holes. After we finished digging two more holes we built a wind break using a tarp, nails, rope, and a piece of wood. We also made a heater using a coffee can, a smaller tin can, bug spray, and cardboard. It was awesome; I was so proud of myself. We left on Friday morning at about 9. Sam and I played PS2 in the car the whole way home.

I am looking forward to only writing one paper in English for Third Trimester. I am also kinda of looking forward to track because I'm throwing for the first time and I'm not sure how good(or bad) I'm going to be.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

DAY 5 Global Warming

State The Problem:
The increase in "greenhouse gases" that are leading to global warming are a major problem.

* NASA's Surface Temperature Analysis indicate the average temperature of the Earth’s surface has increased by about 1.2 to 1.4ºF since 1900.
* Even a warming in just the middle range of scientific projections would have devastating impacts on many sectors of the economy. Rising seas would inundate coastal communities, contaminate water supplies with salt and increase the risk of flooding by storm surge, affecting tens of millions of people globally.(Environmental Defense.)
* Greenhouse gases lead are the major cause to Global Warming.
* If greenhouse gases continue to increase, climate models predict that the average temperature at the Earth's surface could increase from 2.5 to 10.4ºF above 1990 levels by the end of this century.(U.S. Environmental agency)
*Over the last 100 years, the level of the sea has risen about 6-8 inches worldwide.
*The Earth has warmed about 1ºF in the last 100 years. And the four warmest years of the 20th century all happened in the 1990s(EPA for Kids
Contributing Factors:
* Human activities including the burning of fossil fuels are releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.
* Humans driving short distances in cars when walking or biking could be perfectly acceptable is a reason for the increased amount of greenhouse gases caused by humans.
* The amount of greenhouse gases are causing the earth to stay heated and melting massive ice sheets which will in turn raise ocean levels and eliminate coastal residences and industries.
*Land fills are producing methane which contributes adds greenhouse gases.
*Deforestation is helping the gases get into the atmoshpere.
*The Industrial Revolution was a time period where there was a lot of mass production going on and many factories emitted harmful gases into the air.
*Increased agriculture.

A possible solution to this problem is to cut down on the amount of CO2 humans produce through their use of gasoline and oil to run cars. The burning of fossil fuels. And the use of natural gas.

Another solution to this problem would be to find a way to regulate the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere and be able to control that amount.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 3: Tartan Problem

State the Problem:
A Problem that Tartan High School has is it is technologically impaired.
Give Evidence:
* Some students in the school don't know how to make a blog like this.
*Mrs. Colbert has asked me to transfer her e-mail contacts over to her knew e-mail address.
*Some students don't know all of the functions a computer is capable of.
Contributing Factors:
* Teachers do not do enough projects using the computer.
* The school has made computers to be a type of technology that is only used for typing.
* School has made the computer out to be a bad thing or a distraction.
* Teachers are too worried about shuffling papers around.
* A possible Solution to this problem would be to have a computer class that teaches students all the functions a computer is capable of. Not just using it as a typewriter.
* Another possible solution would be to have more online assignments like this one.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Dan seidekranz english 10

DAY 1 Review
Two friends prompt

The two friends may be having a problem getting along because they don't know each other. They do not know what the other person likes to do or what hobbies that other person might have. They also may not like each because someone has done something to hurt the other person.

A solution to this problem would be to sit the friends down and discuss the matter. You could help them to get to know each other. You could also help them find common interests they share. However, if those people aren't friends because one of them hurt the others feelings you could help them to apologize to one another.