Monday, March 19, 2007

RAFT. Day 1. 3rd Tri.

My Spring Break was great. I first started Spring Break out by going to a party at a hotel. That was really fun. I went swimming and ate a lot of pizza. On Tuesday I went to Sam Giebner's grandparents house and slept over there. On Wednesday we left for Bemidji. We got there at about 3pm. Once we got unpacked we dug an ice hole with an ice pick. It took about an hour and a half to dig that one hole. The ice was about 2 feet thick. However, the water was only 5 feet deep in that spot so it wasn't even worth the work. After we dug the hole, Sam and I went inside and ate. Then we found a hand auger and that worked a lot better for digging the holes. After we finished digging two more holes we built a wind break using a tarp, nails, rope, and a piece of wood. We also made a heater using a coffee can, a smaller tin can, bug spray, and cardboard. It was awesome; I was so proud of myself. We left on Friday morning at about 9. Sam and I played PS2 in the car the whole way home.

I am looking forward to only writing one paper in English for Third Trimester. I am also kinda of looking forward to track because I'm throwing for the first time and I'm not sure how good(or bad) I'm going to be.

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