Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 7

McMahon, Colin. "Iraq Assembly Names Speaker, Raising Hopes for Government".
"Chicago Tribune" Apr. 3, 2005 n.p.

This article was written by Colin McMahon for the "Chicago Tribune". The intended audience for this article is the general public. This article reviews the appointing of Hajem al-Hassani as the Speaker for Iraqi's. The author explains al-Hassani's point of views and the approach he is going to use to try and unite Iraq again. It also explains how this is a major step in democratizing Iraq. The author goes on to explain the obstacles that needed to be dealt with in order to have the constitution approved at the intense and life threatening voting that occurred during the voting. Finally, the author concludes by quoting al-Hassani by saying that he will not see Iraq in sections. He will only see Iraq as a whole.

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