Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation 3

Barnard, Anne. "Constitution Passes amid Sunni Opposition."
"Knight Ridder Tribune Business News". Oct. 26, 2005 pp.1+.

This article was written for the "Knight Ridder Tribune Business News" by Anne Barnard. This article's target audience would include business person's and those who are concerned on current events. This article discusses the passing of the new constitution for Iraq. It also discusses the obstacles it needed to overcome in order to be passed. Many people risked their lives to vote for freedom. Another topic in this article is the opposition it faced during its passing. Many Kurds and Shiites were in conflict with the Sunnies during this voting time. The Sunnies also claimed that there was a corrupt vote counting committee because of the 55% veto in Ninevah. This caused the Sunnies to lose the 2/3 veto.

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