Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 8

Rubin, Alissa J. "Iraqi Delegates Pick Interim National Assembly".
"Los Angeles Times" Aug. 19, 2004 n.p.

This article is written by Alissa Rubin for "Los Angeles Times". Her target audience for this article is the general public. This article discusses the national assembly of Iraq. The author goes about to describe the diversity of the assembly and how this might affect its progress. She also explains that how the voting done by citizens left them disappointed because instead of voting for people they had to vote for slates of people. This left some citizens very upset. Finally, she concludes by describing how the assembly may only be in power for a short time but still may try and delay some of the crucial upcoming elections, such as the transitional Assembly, the referendum on a constitution, and the ratification of the constitution.

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