Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 5

Reed, Stanley in London. "Is Democracy Possible?"
"Business Week". Mar. 3, 2003 Iss. 3822 pg 34.

This article was written by Stanley Reed in London for "Business Week". The target audience for this article is Business Persons, Economists, and the general public. In this article the author discusses how even after the U.S. kicks out Saddam, Iraq still might be unmanageable. It begins to talk about Iraq's falling economy and the falling GDP. It also describes the terrible conditions of Iraq's oil fields and the role America gets to play in order to decide how to fix these problems. It also discusses how Saddam has supporters to follow him up even if he falls. This will leave America with drastic problems of corruption in both politics and economics. The author finally concludes that the problem will cost America money and men.

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